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As 2020 draws to an end, let’s review what makes your garage work well for you all year and what you can do in 2021 to make it even better.

The garage is many things to many people. What does your garage do for you? Is it your workshop, your gym, your rainy day patio, your storage shed, or your sanctuary. Whatever it means to you and whatever you use it for, there are a few things that we have found are common across all garages.

As premium suppliers in the garage organization business, we are constantly watching market trends. We are ready to pivot when needed while keeping new product development top of mind. Despite that, we have found that there a several “must-haves” that remain constant. They fall into two main categories. The first we call “construction related” and seem so simple you will be forgiven for looking for more.

  1. Lighting is key. If you can’t see anything, you won’t do anything. Too many garages are underserved by a single light bulb in the middle of the ceiling. Proslat isn’t in the lighting business, but we know one of the basics of a great garage is high quality LED lighting.
  2. Functioning garage door. Again, not our business but if you have a garage door that stops and starts or has other intermittent problems – get it fixed. An automatic garage door in good working order means you can open and close with ease. If it’s a pain to access the garage, you won’t be inclined to do it.

The second category is Organization and this means different things to different people. There are price points for every budget. So, whether you start small or go all in, consider this. We believe your garage will service you better when it includes 5 key components.

  1. Cabinets Before you go shopping, spend time thinking about the right cabinet for you. What do you want to put in it? Cabinets come in different shapes and sizes and may be sold individually or as complete set. What makes sense for you? If you aren’t sure how cabinets would work in your garage, visit our design centre on the Proslat website and try out different configurations.
  2. Slatwall Quite simply, there is no better bang for your buck than slatwall. Whether you install a single section or a whole wall, it offers the best way to organize and see what you have. Let’s face it, garages get messy and every once in awhile you are going to have to clean your garage up. Slatwall makes that task almost enjoyable and organizing easy to do. The added flexibility to change things around as you need to is another slatwall plus.
  3. ProRacks Ideal for those fall-over items every garage has. Bikes that fall over onto your vehicle and scratch or dent is a good example. ProRacks are ideal for long term storage and they fit nicely into the space saver category – you can store tires on top and hang bikes or other bulky items below.
  4. Ceiling hoists These are a wonderful invention if you have a high enough ceiling in your garage (a minimum would be a 9’ ceiling). Hoists allow you to use space that you typically can’t easily access. If you use fixed ceiling racks, then you need to carry your bulky items up a ladder and lift them onto a storage rack. A hoist means no more ladders – you can load your heavy items from the ground level and with the push of a button lift them up and away. By using hoists, you save stress and strain on your back, remain safe and make full use of your garage space – high and low.
  5. Totes or storage bins Everyone has them because they work. Some of us have many of them sorting and storing everything from tools to toys to toxic chemicals. However, not all bins are created equal. If you have experienced the pain of lesser-quality plastic bins, you will be able to picture this. You finally get the bins closed and as you start to stack them, the lids lift off, the thin plastic cracks and you end up no farther ahead. Our tote storage rack takes your pain away by providing each bin its own slot. The bin rack allows for easy, fast access and secure storage.

Does your garage need any of these key components to make it work better for you in 2021? We are here to help.

As the year draws to a close and the holidays get closer, we’d like to take a moment to say thanks to our followers. Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read through our blogs this year. We love it when you visit. Here is a code you may use up to the end of year for a 15% discount on any Proslat purchase. *This discount does not include cabinets, installation services, and promotional items.

Happy Holidays everyone and please stay safe.

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Place your order just as soon as you decide what you need. The rate that Proslat products fly off the shelves right now, means that we are experiencing inventory issues. Some items are taking longer to reach you right now so the earlier your order is in, the better.

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  • Purchased Procore+ for a renovated garage after looking at numerous products. I am extremely pleased with the appearance, strength and customer service. The graphite look is very sharp, the strength of the product is more than adequate with extremely quick shipping at reasonable rates. Most important customer service is top notch from samples to issues confronted. They know what they are doing and make things right. First class operation.

    Terry Schanbacher on

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