8 ft. PROCORE+ Silver gray carbon fiber PVC H-Trim Pack

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PROCORE+ Silver gray carbon fiber PVC Slatwall molding is used to join two continuous Slatwall sections together.

* PROCORE+ Trims may only be installed with PROCORE+ Slatwall. These trims will not fit the original PVC Slatwall.

All trim sales are final, and cannot be refunded.

Pack: 2 Pack

Customer Reviews

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I ordered four sections (32’ x 4’) and have installed two so far. The product is very high quality, but I have found one slat that i received that was cracked.
On the wall, it looks great and is very strong. Some of the hooks fit better than others.
Installation was fairly straightforward ONCE I WAS ABLE TO FIND STUDS THAT WERE 96 INCHES APART. Whoever built my garage installed the studs wherever they felt.
An issue the manufacturer could help with is to use actual photos on the directions. It is not clear how the slots should fit together and how the top piece is attached. I did not figure out how to attach one slat over the one below until my third try. It was then I realized I should not be able to see metal at the bottom. It just means that the slot is a little narrower and that the slats in the next section will not line up with the first section.
Would I buy them again? Sure. They look great and work very well.


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