Garage Gator Single Canoe & Kayak 220 lb Hoist kit

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The Garage Gator Single Canoe & Kayak lift maximizes your floor space and takes the heavy lifting out of your overhead storage. With a click of a button have your large bulky items such as a Kayak or Canoe lifted up and out of the way in a matter of seconds.

Indoor kayak storage is a breeze with Garage Gator. Stop climbing up a ladder to store your bulky items. The Garage Gator lift bar lowers to ground level for you to load and secure your boating equipment. Effortlessly eliminate floor clutter– at the push of a button, securely storing your heavy items in your overhead space. The Garage Gator lift comes ready to install with all of the mounting hardware included.

Customer Reviews

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Easy to install and feels very sturdy, with smooth movement up and down.

Decent quality, OK instructions, made in China

- Components are of appropriate quality for the price despite being made in China
- Installation instructions are just OK
- Packaging protected the parts fairly well during shipping, but the Styrofoam packing broke apart in a few places
- Kayak hanging straps are made in USA, arrived separately, came with no instructions but are easy to figure out

- YouTube videos helped very little as they gloss over several important steps making it appear easier than it is in a real garage
- The instructions and packaging include pictures or drawings of several configurations, except not one with the hoist being used with the kayak straps that came separately
- Motor moves very fast, a bit too fast to safely raise & lower a large, long, heavy kayak or similar object
- Package contained extra parts that are not shown or referred to in the installation manual, such as the large flat coil spring?

Bottom Line: Recommended, but don't expect installation to be as easy as shown on YouTube.

John M
Great Space Saver

Excellent hoist - very easy to install and works great. Technical support was very helpful in answering all questions regarding installation and leveling.


Garage Gator Installation Video