Car Washing Kit with 4 x 4 ft. Slatwall

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The Car Washing Kit has everything you need for your own personal car washing station at home. The professional grade hand crank wringer is ideal for chamois, towels, and any other fabrics, effortlessly removing 90% of water. Wash the car efficiently and ergonomically by eliminating wringing rags by hand. The Wringer mounts to Proslat Slatwall with a fastener to ensure it stays in place.

This value bundle comes with 4 x 4 ft. slatwall and complementary accessories such as a set of XL Probins, one to keep the floor dry and a second to organize your stuff, a pack of 4-inch single hooks to hang items like rags, and a shelf & paper towel holder for detailing products.

The Wringer is covered by a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.

* The Original PVC Slatwall and trims cannot be installed in conjunction with PROCORE PVC Slatwall.


Slatwall Installation Video

PDF Instructions